My name is Eric Vik, and I'm a Norwegian-American author that spends most of my time writing. My first book in the trilogy of the psychological thrillers entitled Eyes of the Insane: Troll is out now and was published in the United States last year. The book is available in both electronic and paper book formats in online stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The book is written with the intention of reaching out to people that don't really take to books at all. I've spoken to many people that don't enjoy reading much and got it confirmed rather quickly that they can't get past the first few chapters because it's too deep or boring. Therefore I decided to use short chapters to get to the point quicker so that I don't lose the readers attention, as well as it allowed me to keep the suspense on top at all times. In other words, the book is written in a way that grabs your attention and interest right from the very first chapter. So if you're anything like me and like to be scared as well as having the feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next, then you have to buy my book!

"A group of friends get together to go on an expedition in the Norwegian mountains to learn about the habits of the Scandinavian wolves. They soon find themselves in an indescribable nightmare and they start disappearing one after the other. What started out to be the best weekend of their lives might just be their last. The silence of the forest is broken and they can't believe what is happening. Can you?"

The book is EASY to read and HARD to put down!
Watch a trailer of Eyes of The Insane: Troll here.

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